Bitcoin bug

Most importantly, of course, you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. I installed this plugin in my PMPRo based site but it is not working.

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It says I can use multiple gateways and telles me how to set that up. I bitcoin bug Stripe as my primary, and altcoin as an alternate.

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In checkout, I select Altcoin option but it still wants me to enter credit card info and I cannot complete bitcoin bug without that. For testing purpose, I added stripes test card and completed the order successfully, BUT it used the credit card, NOT bitcoin and did not offer me an option to pay with bitcoin. I sent 3 emails to them and have not gotten a single reply.

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So we have a plugin that does not work and they will not support. That sucks because now it bitcoin bug I have to convert my site to a Woocommerce store to acceopt bitcoin.

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BUG — It does not work — Bitcoin bug Paid Memberships Pro jackdoo 18 rugsėjo, The problem is that every new user that registers, automatically bitcoin bug active as if he had paid the membership, without having to pay anything, automatically is assigned in the membership that I select without having to pay Works perfect until this version 2. How to i use it with another payment gateway? BekBek20 30 sausio, Hello, We are currently using paystack payment gateway for paid membership pro, Bitcoin bug, do you have a tutorial somewhere, where someone can easily bitcoin bug to implement it?

bitcoin bug

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Removing my credit card payment to accept bitcoin alone isn't a good choice. If we can use both, It would be fine. Prie jos sukūrimo prisidėję žmonės surašyti toliau.

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