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In her job, she is specialized in creative strategy, cultural insights, ideas conception, creative content planning and production, social media and editorial work.

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Since then, she has worked in a few different fast-growing startups bitcoin kopenhaga London and Berlin, a creative agency, as a freelancer, with bitcoin kopenhaga such as Samsung, Otto, Esprit and currently has landed at Volvo Cars and lives in Sweden now.

She works on global creative campaigns that have been awarded with multiple creative industry awards. All of those led her to become result orientated, strategic, and to bitcoin kopenhaga knowledge, as well bitcoin kopenhaga a strong passion for growing brands and businesses bsv btc tradingview creativity.

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Auste sees herself as a visionary person. She does like all things creative and culture.

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Books, movies, art, magazines, theatre. She hosted podcast series for What Do People Do magazine where she interviewed people about career changes and contemporary work culture.

She also writes articles about Scandinavian culture for Scandinavia Standard. She describes herself being curious about many things and sees herself as a creative mentor.

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Auste can also mentor on how to find a job in creative industries or start doing something new that you love. Hobbies: Contemporary Culture, cities, exploring, local lifestyle, small businesses, travel, cycling.

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